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Be extra prepared and carry the easy to use, sterile, single use Skin Stapler that is designed to be fired from multiple angles. You can also get a Staple Remover here too!

We carry the 35W Stapler, which has a generous quantity of 35 staples and has slightly wider staples than a standard width. The wide staples are generally used a majority of the time. Wide staples have a width/crown of 6.5mm and leg length of 4.1mm. Each Skin Stapler will be individually packaged and sealed in a blister box with coated paper, and be sterile and ready for use. Check out the options on the order page and stock up on a Staple Remover too!

Each Skin Stapler will come with directions on how to use it, and Safety Warnings and Precautions. READ THEM! Follow the directions closely, and familiarize yourself with the Skin Stapler BEFORE you are out and about and need to use it! Please note that your use of the Skin Stapler should be for an emergency and you should IMMEDIATELY seek professional medical or vetrinary attention as soon as you can after use. The chances are pretty high, that if you've had to use it out on a hunt or hike or other activity, that the cleanliness of conditions was not ideal or very sanitary. To protect animals and humans from infection ALWAYS have the wound checked out immediately. 

***If you choose to purchase and use this product on animals or humans, you agree that your use is at your own risk and we, Pritty Much Unlimited LLC/DBA dogsRtreed or DBA pawsRprotected or Kevin and Nancy Hall, cannot be held liable for your choice to purchase it or any results from your