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Be the person that is prepared when it counts! With our comprehensive dogsRtreed FIRST-AID MEDICAL FIELD PACK on your side, you will have what you need in an emergency. The tools in our FIRST-AID MEDICAL FIELD MOLLE PACK will make you more prepared when on outings like hunting, hiking, camping, biking, horseback,  riding, snowmobiling...or pretty much going anywhere; and will make the biggest impact when you need it most. The bright orange color makes it very visible and easy to find in a hurry. A quick break-away feature will release the bag quickly if strapped onto something, creating a grab-and-go scenario! 

Whether it's for your dogs, yourself, family or thing is for sure... WHEN YOU NEED IT YOU'LL BE SO GLAD YOU HAVE IT! Our MOLLE BAG, packed full, only weighs 1.5 lbs and has a versatile strapping system, which is limited only by your imagination and eliminates having to carry a separate bag!

At 8" H x 6" W x 5" D it is the perfect size to fit just about anywhere on your person or in a backpack. This pack automatically comes with a pawsRprotected "Quick Stick" for PRE-CONDITIONING, PROTECTING, AND PROMOTING HEALING IN DOGS PAWS and animal and human skin! 

Look below for all the details on included products...and there are a lot of them! Each kit does include a Sterile Medical Skin Stapler that can be used on animals or humans. However, if you would like to also have a spare Skin Stapler, we do sell them separately as well. 


***As we have all seen this past year, finding the exact branded products that we are used to using can sometimes be a real chore! We reserve the right to swap out brand named products in the pack based on availability. It will be the same type of product and do the same function as always, but may vary by name or brand***

WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS: This first-aid/medical kit is offered as a convenience to others to help with unexpected situations that call for some basic first-aid measures. We include the skin stapler and sutures in the pack for serious situations that may occur and need immediate attention. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO SEEK MEDICAL OR VETRINARY GUIDANCE AND SERVICES IMMEDIATELY, OR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, FOR SITUATIONS THAT YOU HAVE HAD TO USE THE STAPLER OR SUTURES FOR. It is your responsibility to read all instructions and warnings on this sheet as well as on the product packages contained in this pack before using them. We make no promises, claims or guarantees of success, healing or safety from using the items in the pack. If you choose to purchase and use this product on humans or animals, you agree that your use is at your own risk and we, Pritty Much Unlimited LLC/DBA dogsRtreed or DBA pawsRprotected or Kevin and Nancy Hall, cannot be held liable for your choice or any results from your use.